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Publications citing ICL's Mouse SAP ELISA Kit -

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Size 1.0 plate


  • Mouse
  • Goat
  • Serum Amyloid P
  • 4C
  • Plasma, Serum
  • 6.25 ng/ml - 200 ng/ml
  • 1.845 ng/ml
  • 130 min.


Kit Contents

  • 1

    One ELISA Micro Plate with 12 removable (8 well) micro well strips in holding frame, each coated with Affinity Purified Antibody

  • 2

    One ELISA Kit Data Sheet

  • 3

    One Certificate of Analysis

  • 4

    One 50 mL bottle of Diluent Running Buffer

  • 5

    One 50 mL bottle of 20X Concentrated Wash Solution

  • 6

    One 150 uL Vial of Affinity Purified HRP Conjugated Antibody in stabilizing buffer

  • 7

    One 12 mL vial of Chromogen-Substrate Solution

  • 8

    One 12 mL vial of Stop Solution

  • 9

    One Calibrator Vial


This product is for research use only, not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.